Gran Prix VDA MTB
7th trial mini bikers: 6-12 years old

Bataille des Chèvres
(goat combats) by night

22nd Regional Competition. – Saturday 24th of August 2019

The circuit of the “Batailles des Chèvres” has been structured at the regional level since 1997, mainly thanks to the commitment and great passion of the breeders of goats of the Valle d’Aosta breed who, supported by the Regional Administration, have come to the current 22nd regional competition.

Initially with six zonal committees, now there are 14 organizing committees within the Comité Régional, that cover the entire territory of Valle d’Aosta.

The goats participating in the event are of an autochthonous breed (Valdostana) recognized at the national level with a registry office. The man, in the battles, sets up the “painting”, the frame of the event: the content is defined by the queens, in this case, the goats.

The outcome of the battle is always uncertain, because the animals are not machines, and can always have a down day.

The anticipation and suspense make the crowd grow restless because there are queens who never, or rarely, make mistakes, and then there are the outsiders, that unexpectedly take the stage.


Start of weighing 16:00 – End of weighing 18:00  – Start of Combat 20:30

– Running and Trail Programme Posters