At the festival, you will find dishes with products exclusively of the area, simple but tasty, from recipes “d’antan” (of old times) created by the imagination of those who had to invent so much having very little at their disposal.


Butter and Chestnuts
Butter and Chestnuts€ 6,00

Typical food of the place that was consumed daily since ancient times thanks to its high nutritional value. Dried chestnuts are cooked in plenty of salted water with sugar. They are then served with fresh butter from pure mountain cream.

Vegetarian dish

Cheeses€ 6,00

It’s the right dish to complete a typical ” Arnaiota” meal. There are various cheeses produced from cow’s milk, goat’s milk or even mixed. The different experience and tradition of the producers allow having a considerable diversity of characteristics and taste. An example is the famous DOP fontina from Valle d’Aosta.

Vegetarian dish

Lard with Honey and Chestnuts
Lard with Honey and Chestnuts€ 6,00

From this year the lard is also served with honey and boiled chestnuts.

This sweet-salty combination with products from our area meets the standards of the most experienced palates of modern times.

Lard with Potato Salami
Lard with Potato Salami€ 6,00

Lard accompanied by normal salami and potato salami. The salami is prepared by mixing the pork meat with the spices and natural aromas of the place and is then stuffed into thin natural entrails tied and hung to dry. The potato salami is prepared with boiled potatoes, diced lard, spices, wine, and pork blood. It is also stuffed and dried like salami.

Potatoes, Ricotta and Cotechino (large boiled pork sausage)
Potatoes, Ricotta and Cotechino (large boiled pork sausage)€ 6,00

A tasty appetizer that in ancient times was the main dish. The potatoes, not too big, with the skin, are cooked in salted water with the addition of a piece of lard. Ricotta (fresh cow’s milk cheese), on the other hand, is seasoned with salt and spices. Cotechino is made up of pork intestine into which is placed a mixture of pork and beef, as well as a mixture of herbs, natural flavors, and Marsala. The dish is served with hot potatoes.

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First Courses

Barley Soup
Barley Soup€ 6,00

Of ancient farmers’ tradition, the barley soup is obtained by cooking barley softened for a few hours in water with fresh mixed vegetables and salt. It is a dish that in ancient times was prepared in the summer and autumn given the use of fresh vegetables.

Vegetarian dish

Chestnut Soup
Chestnut Soup€ 6,00

The chestnut soup is typical of the Arnad area and is prepared with the use of dried chestnuts, milk, water, salt and butter, all cooked over low heat for several hours. The result is a thick and tasty cream that is pleasant to the palate.

Vegetarian dish

Polenta Concia (stuffed with cheese)
Polenta Concia (stuffed with cheese)€ 6,00

Polenta concia is one of the most famous typical dishes of the Aosta Valley. Polenta concia does not have a rigid recipe but is generally prepared by melting cubes of fontina and/or toma valdostana into the polenta at the end of cooking.
Often the dish is then placed in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese and form a crunchy crust.

Vegetarian dish

Cabbage Soup
Cabbage Soup€ 6,00

Excellent soup of ancient farmers’ tradition still represents a dish that is still common on our tables. The seuppa is obtained by putting layers of stale bread, boiled cabbage, fontina and butter flakes in a baking pan, all sprinkled with a meat broth. It is cooked in the oven for about twenty minutes.

Vegetarian dish

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Second Courses

Salted Boiled Beef with Potatoes
Salted Boiled Beef with Potatoes€ 9,80

The boiled salted meat is a dish indicated in large family gatherings and the choice of meat cuts is very important. Vegetable stock is prepared in which the meat is cooked over low heat. It is accompanied by a green sauce, prepared with finely chopped parsley, garlic, and natural flavors.

Wild Boar with Polenta
Wild Boar with Polenta€ 9,80

Wild boar meat course hunted in Valle d’Aosta and transformed in the only regional laboratory that is located in our municipality. The meat pulp is cooked with vegetables and blueberries. All accompanied by polenta.

Polenta and Sausage
Polenta and Sausage€ 9,80

The sausages cannot be missing from our tables, made from freshly ground pork meat with spices and herbs placed in a natural casing. They are stewed with tomato. The use of this product in the kitchen is very versatile, consumed alone is also an ideal ingredient for sauces recipes, pasta dishes, and side dishes.

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Side Dishes & Sweets

€ 2,50

In the past, our nourishment depended on what the earth gave at that moment. This traditional salad is proof of this. Made with seasonal vegetables from our gardens, it is prepared with boiled green beans and carrots, and fresh tomatoes cut into wedges; all seasoned with salt, oil and red wine vinegar from Arnad.

Vegan dish

Polenta€ 2,50

The polenta is prepared by cooking the stone-ground cornflour in boiling salted water. They are cooked in a pot for about an hour, stirring continuously with a wooden spoon. In general, the polenta is served at the table on a circular wooden board and is cut into slices with a string.

Vegan dish

Desserts Duo
Desserts Duo€ 5,00

You can’t end a real meal as the Arnaiota without the two inevitable desserts of our tradition: a chestnut strudel and a fruit tart. These secret recipes handed down from generation to generation, are prepared mainly with dried chestnuts and rye and wheat flour.

Vegetarian dish

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Full Meal

Casse Croute all'Arnaiota
Casse Croute all'Arnaiota€ 20,00

A typical full meal for one person, including lard, salami, potato salami, salignon, cotechino, potatoes, butter and chestnuts, cheeses.

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GLUTEN-FREE DISHES: All dishes on the menu (except the barley soup), will also be prepared gluten-free by a cook formed by the Celiac Association. It is important to state this clearly before the checkout to obtain a specific receipt, which will be treated separately from the others. Gluten-free beer on request.