The Arnad Lard P.O.D. is a tasty and fragrant cured meat that has been seasoned with salt, spices and mountain aromas that make it a product as unique as it is unrepeatable.

Product of excellence of the territory of Arnad in Valle d’Aosta. Since 1996 the only lard in Europe certified P.O.D.

Differences between P.G.I. and P.D.O.

The difference between PDO and PGI products lies in the fact that, for PDO products, all that concerns the preparation and marketing of the product originates in the declared territory and is traceable to it; while for PGI products, the declared territory gives the product certain characteristics through certain phases or components of its preparation, but not all the factors that contribute to the production of the product come from or take place in the declared territory.


The final taste is delicate but well-perfumed thanks to the spices used in the seasoning process.


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